Commission To Dismantle Racism Diocese of Western North Carolina

The Level 1 Workshop Schedule - Recognizing and Resisting Racism
Some information about the Level 1 Workshop

The workshop provides a safe place to talk about race and racism . It is non-confrontational and blameless . Once outcome of the workshop is the the adoption of a common language for our discussions of race and racism.

The workshop leaders, and the entire Commission to Dismantle Racism, were trained by a team of the Mennonite Church called the Damascus Road Training Team. The Mennonite Church includes being anti-racist in its mission.

The workshop employs a combination of teaching and experiential activities to help with the learning. During the workshop we SHARE some of our past experiences related to race. We REFLECT on the legacies of our various racial heritages; ANALYZE the dynamics and nature of racism; and we EXPLORE the connection between anti-racism work and the Gospel. We give racism a common definition we can all understand.

The workshop is approximately five hours long, including time for lunch.

For the past few years, the Level 1 Workshop has been required participation for all clergy, vestry members, and members of diocesan commissions at least once every five years. Most of the participants who come because of the requirement state, at the end of the workshop, "I am glad I came."

Level I Workshops are given around the diocese by CDR Teams.

If you are interested in having or attending a Level l Workshop, please contact Bill Mance