Commission To Dismantle Racism Diocese of Western North Carolina

Continuing Education on Racial Sensitivity

On March 2, 2006, the Executive Council of this diocese unanimously affirmed that the leaders of the diocese, including vestry members, church volunteers, professional staff, and those elected or appointed to positions of leadership on committees, commissions, agencies, and boards are required to take anti-racism training and receive a certificate of such training. The training is to be renewed every five years.

The Executive Council further affirmed that all clergy moving into this diocese and all clergy who wish to be licensed in this diocese are responsible for attending Commission to Dismantle Racism training Level 1 once every five years and provide a copy of the certificate of completion to the Canon for Deployment.

In order to fulfill this responsibility, the Commission to Dismantle Racism conducts Level 1 workshops periodically - at the invitation of a parish or deanery and at diocesan educational events such as the Mission & Ministry Conference.

A PARISH wishing to host a workshop should be prepared to provide persons of color as co-participants as this makes the workshop much more effective and establishes local accountability for the parish and its participants.

A parish representative should contact Bill Mance, 828.651.0495 for more information.Type your paragraph here.

Commission to Dismantle Training Teams by Deanery


Parishes who are interested in holding Commission to Dismantle Workshop in their parishes in these deaneries, please contact Commission Chair Bill Mance at