Our Mission, History, & Vision

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

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To find our more about the important work being done by the Commission to Dismantle Racism in Diocese of Western North Carolina, please contact:

Bill Mance


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Commission To Dismantle Racism Diocese of Western North Carolina

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Come join us to make a difference in this important work fighting Racism. We want to hear your stories and be able to share ours. If you have stories or articles you feel would be important for others to know about, please use our contact form and send information or links to us.

We are constantly updating site and would love to have your voice expressed about ways Racism has touched your lives.

Our Mission - The Commission to Dismantle Racism exists to name, confess, resist and confront the sin of racism through prayer, education, advocacy and action.

Our Vision - Church and community where white privilege is open acknowledged; an anti-racist identity is intentionally adopted;  racial and cultural inclusiveness is actively pursued; so that congregations and church institutions are continually challenged to become the
beloved communities of mutuality, justice and compassion which we are called to be in Christ Jesus.